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Eye Trauma Centre Thane  

Eye Trauma

Sudden injury is defined as “Trauma”. Eye trauma i. e.injury is one of the major causes of loss of vision. People become blind often due to absence or non availability of medical facilities And/or trained Professionals. Any injury to the eye must be considered as an EMERGENCY and treated promptly and properly. Trauma



The treatment varies from case to case. However the primary treatment must be given at the earliest but an essential precaution is a must.

“ Do not Rub the Eyes at all ”
  1. Foreign body in the eye
  2. image
    1. Some particle may get lodged in the eye may be over cornea or under eyelid.
    2. If the foreign body is not visible, cup some clean water in the hand and blink briskly in the water.
    3. If the problem persists apply a soft pad, shield the eye and rush to the hospital.

  3. Chemical burns (Acid, Alkali)
  4. img
    1. Do not rub the eye
    2. Prompt first aid is essential
    3. Immediately wash the face and the eye thoroughly
    4. Continuously pour water in to the of the eye
    5. Ensure the chemical does not run into the other eye
    6. Cover the eye with a dry, clean dressing and protective shield.

  5. Injuries due to accidents or Other incidents

  6. Apply a soft pad, shield the eye and take the
    patient to the hospital immediately
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