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Eye is one of the most sensitive organ of the body. The body continuously undergoes degeneration wth age, and so does the eye. Thus a host of the eye problems may manifest as one is close to acquire the senior citizen status.

One need not worry about the eye problem with advancing age ,but one need to monitor these problems as & when these occurs.

This way, one can to manage these effectively.



Surya Eye’s Speciality Clinics for Senior citizen provides excellent management of eye problems as the age advances towards senior citizen and beyond.

It is recommended to undergo a detailed eye examination as one crosses the age of 50years.Regular eye check up is recommended once in 10 – 12 month.

Following eye diseases are most likely as one crosses the age of 50years.
  1. Refractive Error
  2. Cataract

  3. Cateract is not a disease. Its clouding of the lens with age.It largely depends on aging, though there could be other reasons. Cateract

  4. Glaucoma

  5. Glaucoma Glaucoma is a disease in which pressure of the eye rises. It is often a painless disease and is known as the “silent killer” of vision. It is also seen to have hereditary disposition. It generally manifest in patients beyond 40 years .

  6. Diabetic Retinopathy

  7. This is caused because of changes or degeneration of Retina because of presence of glucose in sugar (diabetes). Diabetic Retinopathy
    Fundus photography of eye with Diabetic Retinopathy

  8. Hypertensive Retinopathy

  9. Hypertensive Retinopathy Changes or degeneration in vessels of retina because of high B.P

  10. Retinal Vascular Disease

  11. Retina may undergo some changes causing Vascularisation. Retinal Vascular Disease
    Fundus Photography of eye with Retinal Vascular Disease

  12. Age Related Macular Degeneration

  13. Macula is the central and most important part of the eye In the retina. This may undergo degeneration with age In some patients. Age Related Macular Degeneration
    Fundus Photography of eye with ARMD

  14. Optic Atrophy
  15. It is a condition that affects the optic nerve which carries impulse from the eye to the brain.

  16. Ptosis or Drooping Eye
  17. It is caused by weakness of muscle responsible for raising the eyelid,damage to the nerves that control those muscles, or looseness of the skin of the upper eyelids.

  18. Others Colour Vision , Night Vision , Tumors, etc

All these problems & disease are described well in the following sections. You may please refer to them.

Complex eye problem

16 specialised clinics
Some of the common symptoms a Senior Citizen may have are:
  • Blurred Vision
  • Decrease in Vision (near or far)
  • Pain in eye
  • Colour Halos
         Normal Blurred
Decrease in Vision
Decrease in Vision
  • Flashes and/or Floaters
  • Sudden loss of Vision
  • Drooping of Eyelids
  • Poor Side Vision

The treatment depends upon the problems, symptoms, age, medical history, possibility of future vision and needs of the person.

Common diseases are treated as explained in details in the respective section described above.

Some of the modalities of treatment after proper diagnosis may be one or more of the following:

1. Diagnosis :
    A. General evaluation & Refraction
    B. Retinal evaluation
         a. Dilated Funduscopy
         b. Fundus Photography (FP)
         c. Fundus Fluro Angiography

Fundus Camera
Fundus Camera

    C. Evaluation of Glaucoma

Diabetic Macular Edema Evaluation of Glaucoma Evaluation of Glaucoma
Angiography of eye with Diabetic Macular Edema
Evaluation of Glaucoma

   a. Prescription of Glass
   b. Medication – eyedrops, tablets & injection
   c. Surgery
   d. Lasers

 Prescription of Glass Medication  eyedrops, tablets & injection




Following are the recommendation for healthy eyes:
  1. Regular eye examination(every 8-12months)
  2. Eye healthy food( Sufficient vitamin & minerals)
  3. Monitoring of all minor changes in vision & symptoms
  4. Sufficient sleep
  5. Avoid over use & misuse of eye
  6. Avoidance of risky & dangerous work
  7. Precaution while handly sharp objects and chemicals like phenyl , alkali, acids etc
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