Surya Eye-Cataract Surgery
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Surya Contact Lens Clinic


Do you know

  • Near Sightedness
  • Farsightedness
  • Distorted Vision
  • And the need for Bifocals can be corrected with contact lenses

The Surya Eye Touch
Our touch lies in our panel of qualified and renowned eye-specialists working round the clock to offer you more than just a solution to your need. We understand your desire to not compromise on your appearance while addressing your problem and your apprehension on maintaining it for life.

Why Surya ?

At Surya, not only do we offer a wide range of contact lenses to enhance facial appearances and personality. We also use them therapeutically wherever an uneven cornea blurs vision.

Our lenses ranges from the
Soft Yearly Lenses
Soft Monthly Lenses
Daily Disposable Lenses
Continuous wear contact lenses
Bifocal contacts
Toric Contact lenses
Colored contacts
Cosmetic Lenses

Besides offering you the best , we advise you on ways to take care of them, on steps and procedures you need to follow before wearing them, on noticing symptoms that indicate that things are not alright with respect to your lens and its effect on your eyes. And last but not the least, a series of regular check-ups at our sprawling 4000 sq ft hospital just to maintain the health and vitality of your precious eyes.
And all this, in an ambience that is the perfect amalgamation of technological advancement, professional finesse and traditional warmth.





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