Surya Eye-Cataract Surgery
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Surya Speciality Diabetic Clinic


Do you know

  • Repeated Stye
  • Frequent changes in Spectacle Number
  • Diabetic Retinopathy
  • Early Cataract Development

And Glaucoma indicate that you are losing vision due to diabetes.

Diabetes, a painless and symptom-free metabolic condition due to disturbed insulin levels in the blood afflicts 2 out of every 10 persons. According to statistical information, 9 out of every 10 diabetics may have some eye problem sooner or later.

The Surya Eye Touch

At Surya Eye, we lay special emphasis on first pin-pointing the area of disturbance, before going ahead with any form of surgery or therapy, simply because we understand the importance of our responsibility, that of protecting your eyes

Why Surya ?

Our treatment involves the prior detection of changes that can cause severe and permanent eye damage.

Detailed Eye Examination conducted by a Retina Specialist which involves detecting early changes like swelling, new blood vessel formation and the swelling of the macula through Fundus Photography done through special Topcon cameras from Japan.

Fundus Fluorescein Angiography involves a dye injected into the blood system which fills up the blood vessels in the eye making it easier for the doctors to study blood circulation pattern and areas with internal bleeding.

Laser Photocoagulation is done by our highly qualified Vitreo-retinal Surgeon to seal leaking blood vessels.

The option of surgery in advanced stages.

Surya Eye’s multi-dimensional approach to therapy is exemplified by them offering Guided Yoga Therapy for Diabetics.



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