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Contoura Vision - Bladeless LASIK in Thane

Looking for robotic or bladeless LASIK in Mumbai, Thane or Navi Mumbai? Add more precision and quality to it.
Avail World’s best treatment in vision correction in Mumbai @ Surya Eye Institute.

US FDA approved Laser vision enhancement + Topography guided treatment + Femto LASIK = Sharpest vision beyond

In Bladefree / Bladeless LASIK surgery, a Femtolaser laser is used to create the flap. It creates the corneal flap by forming a layer of bubbles beneath the outer layer of the cornea with the use of rapid pulses of light. The flap is lifted, the underlying cornea reshaped with an excimer laser, and then the flap is replaced in its original position. The bladeless LASIK is safer for patients with thinner corneas or too steep or too flat corneas who may not have been ideal candidates for LASIK with Blade. It is used in LASIK Treatment in Mumbai. The advantages of this laser are its increased precision and more safety. Visit the most renowned eye specialist and get your LASIK Treatment in Thane at Surya Eye hospital.


Challenge- I had been using spectacles since the age of 9 years (20 years of my life) and had a very high myopic number (-7.5- both eyes). I was very used to using specs or lenses all the time and never gave much thought to the smaller things in life that I was missing out on due to poor natural vision. I did hear about the LASIK surgery options for the past 7-8 years but was apprehensive of opting for one. Firstly, I am petrified of needles or anything that sounds remotely like surgery, and I also used to defer the idea opting for LASIK thinking about all the ‘what if it goes wrong’ scenarios.

However, since the past few years, my consulting has gotten very busy. I work in a client-facing role and need to use a laptop for 9-15 hours a day. I was also traveling a lot for work and needed to carry my contact lens solution and lenses everywhere which at times became quite a hassle. Then I met a friend of mine who had recently gotten her LASIK surgery done at Dr. Jay Goyal’s eye institute. She spoke highly of her experience which convinced me to go in for an appointment. Post-tests and meeting Dr. Jay, I rested assured of going through the procedure asap.

My experience of the surgery– I underwent the bladeless Contura vision surgery in July 2019. I had watched the surgery videos before, so I knew what to expect and was a lot more relaxed on the day of the surgery. The operation room is not like the traditional ones and feels quite comfortable. The procedure in itself was quick (5 mins per eye- 15 mins in to out) and painless- they administer anesthetic eye drops so you don’t feel any pain- no discomfort.

You can see throughout the procedure (I blacked out for a few seconds during flap creation, but that is normal). Your relative/person accompanying you can watch the surgery on a screen in the waiting room.

Post-operative surgical experience– Once the anesthesia wore off, my eyes pricked for a couple of hours (pain similar to the one we feel during conjunctivitis). My vision was a little hazy that day but I could see better later that day and vision was completely normal till the next day. Eyes feel a bit tender for a day or two but there is not much pain or discomfort.

The doctor advises to not take a head bath, spray water on eyes, and to wear protective glasses when going out for a week. The idea is to keep your eyes safe from dust and water until they heal. Apart from the above, there are no other restrictions- we can use mobiles and laptops and any screens from the next day of surgery, though I took a week off.

Life after surgery- Much better than I ever imagined! I have 6/4 Contura vision (better than normal humans). I can see the moment everything I open my eyes and don’t have to grab at my specs. I can read small fonts off the billboard, travel without thinking about packing my optical solutions, read and work for hours at a stretch without feeling the strain on my eyes. I recommend this procedure which practically changes your life for the better!

– Prajakta Samant, Female, 29 Years Old, Consulting Professional

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Contoura Vision LASIK – Femto (Bladeless) vs Blade


Femto Contoura Vision

Blade Contoura Vision

Recovery time

2 Days

2-3 weeks

Process time

35 Seconds

2-3 minutes

Quality of Vision

Better because quality of Flap is better

Slightly lower than Femto because flap is made manually


Laser technology ensures accuracy of flap

Flap accuracy depends on skills of surgeon


No Moving parts. Everything done by Laser,

Actual Blade is used to create the flap

Virtual Tour of Bladeless LASIK in Mumbai


Dr. Vinod R Goyal

M.S (Ophth), F.I.C.S (USA)

  • Founder and Medical Director of Surya Eye Institute and Research Centre
  • Pioneer in bringing world-class technology to North Mumbai.
  • An Active contributor to the National Program for Prevention of Blindness and is associated with many national & international eye surgeons
  • Contributor to many scientific publication and research papers at various State, National and International conferences
  • Visit the most renowned eye specialist and get your Bladeless LASIK Treatment in Mumbai at Surya Eye Hospital.
Eye Specialist in Mulund

Dr Jay Goyal - Top LASIK Surgeon in Mumbai


  • Pioneer of bringing world-class Contoura technology to North Mumbai.
  • 3 years comprehensive ophthalmology fellowship from L. V. Prasad Eye Institute, world’s largest and leading hospital.
  • Specialist for LASIK Refractive and Contract Surgery.
  • Has trained many Indian & International doctors for various Eye Surgeries.
  • Visit the most renowned eye specialist and get your Bladeless LASIK Treatment in Mumbai at Surya Eye Hospital.

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