Bladeless Cataract Procedure at Surya

Bladeless Cataract in Navi Mumbai
bladeless cataract in mulund
Verion Image Guidance System
Verion Imaging system scans your eye and creates a unique customized treatment plan for your eye.
This helps in deciding the IOL best suited for your eye. It also helps in elimination of spectacle numbers.
bladeless cataract in navi mumbai
Removing Cataractious
A phaco machine is used to remove the lens by suction. All the cataract is cleaned and the eye is made ready for IOL insertion.
bladeless cataract in mumbai
Inserting Artificial IOL ( Lens )
The IOL selected is placed inside the eye via a very small cut. The IOL automatically unfolds inside the eye and goes into it’s place.
bladeless cataract in navi mumbai
LensSX Scan & Breaking down the cataract
The LenSx system scans your eye and ensures the correct treatment is executed as per planning. Femto Laser is used to make incisions and cut the cataract lens into multiple small pieces like sugar cubes. This procedure is completely painless and takes hardly 35 seconds
bladeless cataract in thane
Placing IOL
bladeless cataract in india
Confirming IOL Position
All done !
Cleaning is done and the patient is ready to go home and live a spectacle free life.

Why bladeless surgery with Verion Image guided System ?

Why is it better alternative to traditional cataract surgery ?