Latest Technologies for Cataract Surgery

Bladeless Cataract in Navi Mumbai

World’s Best Bladeless Cataract Surgery

The LenSx® Laser system helps us perform cataract surgery with precision, reproducibility and safety as never before.

Varion system for cataract

Varion Image Guided System Cataract Surgery

Advanced technogy from Alcon designed to offer improved precision, consistency & control in Cataract Surgery

Do you know ?

      • Cloudy or Blurry Vision
      • Difficulty in Reading
      • Faded Colors
      • Poor Night Vision
      • Double or Multiple Vision
      • Frequent eye-glasses or contact lens changes

Above symptoms may mean that you are suffering from Cataract

Cataract is the clouding of the lens, which lets light into the retina. When it is blocked, so is the vision.

The lens is made up of protein and water. Sometimes the proteins abnormally clump together to cloud the lens.

The Surya Eye Touch

At Surya Eye, we lay special emphasis on first pin-pointing the area of disturbance, before going ahead with any form of therapy or surgery, simply because we understand the importance of our responsibility, that of protecting your eyes.

Why Surya ?

At Surya, our diagnosis is based on a series of extensive exams and tests carried out to identify and then effectively treat cataract. Its aimed at nullifying any doubts with regard to treatment and the final outcome of it.  It starts with a Visual Acuity Test to measure sight at various distances followed by a Pupil dilation test involving widening of the pupil to examine more of the lens and the retina and look for other eye problems. The Tonometry test to measure fluid pressure inside the eye. Contrast Sensitivity Test to assertain whether the cataract causes significant glare and to test ability to see shades of gray like real life situations. Potential Vision Testing to determine the quality of vision bypassing the cataract.

Depending on the results, the next course of treatment is determined.

At Surya, we have set the trend in eye surgery through Phaco-emulsification, using a revolutionary Phaco instrument specially imported from Oerti, Switzerland that breaks-up the cataract through ultrasonic vibrations..

Now you may not even need to wear thick glasses following surgery with Surya’s Intra-ocular lenses, another added advantage of coming to us.