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Cataract Treatment Cost in Mumbai

Know more about different types of technologies used for cataract treatment in Mumbai at Surya Eye Hospital. What is the Cataract Treatment Cost in Mumbai ? and on what factors it is dependent on ?

Surgery is the best and most effective treatment for Cataract. Typically in a cataract surgery, the natural lens that has become cloudy and needs replacement with an Intra Ocular Lens (IOL). It is effective in restoring vision to most patients. we provides affordable cataract treatment cost in Mumbai 

The cataract treatment cost in Mumbai depends on the following factors

  • Type of cataract surgery – Robotic (FLACS) Cataract surgery or Routine Phacoemulsification
  • Type of IOL – regular foldable, Premium IOL, Toric IOL, Multifocal IOL, Trifocal IOL
  • Type of Eye Hospital – Large institutes which have everything under one roof and have safety certificates like NABH, ISO 9001:2015 etc are always preferred as they can manage all related eye conditions under one roof.

What type of cataract treatment is suited for me ?

At Surya Eye Institute, our team of expert surgeons helps you decide what is the best procedure for you.
Cataract surgery is divided into 2 parts
1. Removal of cataract from the eye
2. Implantation of artificial foldable lens ( IOL ) in the eye
Cataract removal was traditionally performed by Phacoemulsification (no stitch surgery), a modern procedure for the removal of the cataract. Now Surya Eye offers our patients Femto Second Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery ( FLACS ). This is also called Robotic Cataract Surgery. More than 50-60% Cataract surgery in Mulund Mumbai is now Bladeless and done with FLACS method. After removing the cataract we insert a foldable IOL.

We offer multiple IOL like Foldable, Toric Lens, Multifocal Lens, Trifocal lens, Panoptix lens etc. These IOL options that might be helpful in eliminating the need to use glasses after the cataract surgery. When it comes to cataract surgery in Mumbai at Surya Eye Institute, the complete procedure takes about 10 minutes. If a FLACS is performed then there is NO INJECTION, NO STITCH, NO PATCH, NO PAIN & NO GLASSES. We give anesthesia using eye drops and there is no need of an injection. Further, no patch is put on your eye after the surgery. You can start doing your normal activities right from the same evening.

What is the cost of IOL ? On what factors the cost of an IOL is dependent ?

Cost of IOL can be between 2000-75000 rupees.
Cost of the IOL depends on various factors like type of IOL ( foldable / non-foldable ), quality (
hydrophilic / hydrophobic ), make of IOL ( Indian / Imported ), spectacle correcting IOL ( Toric,
Multifocal, Trifocal etc )

More the cost of surgery better the results. Is it so ?

Yes and NO.
At Surya Eye we examine every eye, analyze every report, understand every associated eye condition and then understand the needs of the patient before we suggest the type of cataract surgery that you should choose. If your eye cannot support a particular high end lens you will not get the desired result even if you spend money. Hence our expert doctors help you to arrive at the right decision based on the above points. Cataract treatment cost in Mumbai depends on the hospital. Even if the cataract treatment cost in Mumbai is expensive there is no guarantee of desired result unlike at Surya Hospital.

When is the right time for cataract surgery ?

You must consider surgery when you are not in a position to do your daily activities because of the loss of vision and it is not essential just because of the presence of cataracts. As a matter of facts, removal is the best option in case of cataract treatment.

Choosing the best hospital for cataract surgery in Mumbai

 Are you a patient with cataract or are nervous that you may have a cataract, there is no need to worry. Surya Eye Clinic is one the most advanced eye center in the country and a leading eye hospital having reasonable cataract treatment cost in Mumbai and Maharashtra for cataract surgery. We offer you an expert consultation for all your eye-related problems. We have one of the best cataract surgeon and setup in Mumbai. We are well equipped hospital for cataract treatment in Mumbai  We offer painless, stitch-less, and no patch ,no pain surgery and IOL implantation at our super specialty eye care centre. Our Advanced surgery techniques are an example of excellence in ophthalmology and are performed by a highly skilled team of professional eye specialists. Cataract Treatment Cost In Mumbai is affordable. We have the Best eye specialist in Mumbai but patient support and post surgery care is equally important to achieve good results.

Why choose Surya Eye Institute & Research Center ?

In today’s world, cataract surgery is not only about the replacement of the cataract with a new lens. It is also enhancing the patient’s quality of life. It is about helping our patients see without glasses. Cataract Treatment Cost In Mumbai is affordable. At Surya Eye, we follow a thorough preoperative diagnostic protocol to ensure your safety and help you choose the correct procedure & lens for implantation. With the advancement of the technology & sophisticated diagnostic tools, we can plan your cataract surgery to achieve minimal to no refractive error after the cataract surgery, whereas your vision can be maximized without the need to use of spectacles.

For each patient of cataract, we do Optical Biometer with Lenstar from Haag-Streit Germany. We also do Optical Cohorence Tomography (OCT) for our patients with the help of RTVue from Optovue Germany. Verion Image Guided system from Alcon USA is also used to customize the IOL placement and understand the individual on the basis of angle kappa and corneal higher-order aberrations. Mostly cataract treatment cost in Mumbai is expensive but  We are ONLY hospital in Mumbai to have both ISO 9001:2015 and NABH certification. This ensures maximum patient safety & optimum results. Your search for “affordable cataract treatment cost in Mumbai” ends here.

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