Eye Yoga and Exercises

Development by Surya EyeTech

Exclusive studies and analysis of patients over two decades led Surya Eyetech to develop a simple yet effective Eye Care Programme based on ancient Indian Yoga techniques combined with the latest Ophthalmic Technology.
Surya Eye conducts regular programs at its premises and also at corporate/other institutions to provide simple tips for eye care.

Eye Yoga & Exercises Programme

  • General
  • Relaxation Technique
  • Eye Yoga
  • Body Movements
  • Specific Techniques
  • Yogasanas
  • Miscellaneous

Surya Eye Tech provides personalized coaching of the above techniques in Eye Yoga & Exercises Programme to improve seeing habits in the present hectic and stressful life. Effective techniques are taught to protect eyes from the current invasion of TV, Computers, Fast Food, and Tension.

Bladeless lasik in thane

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