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LenSX Technology
(LenSX Laser Cataract Treatment in Mumbai)

LenSx Laser Cataract Treatment In Mumbai

The LenSx Laser medical equipment utilizes the use of Femto Second Laser technology for the treatment of cataract eye problems. A cataract is one of the world’s leading causes of blindness. A cataract is caused by the build-up of excess protein in the eye. This later results in a foggy sight or permanent blindness. However, cataract is not only caused by the build-up of protein alone but also by diabetes, injuries to the eye, use of tobacco, and extended use of the steroids. The LenSx Laser System is the most effective known treatment for cataracts. It is a completely Bladeless Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery that is technologically advanced and offers numerous advantages over traditional cataract surgery.
The LenSx laser medical equipment possesses various benefits and other medical advancements over the traditional cataract surgery. Some of the improvements the LenSx laser equipment provides are it utilizes Femtosecond laser treatment, which allows the treatment to be carried out with more precision and accuracy. It also uses the Version Image Guided System which maps the eye and ensures placement of the lens with accuracy that is impossible in traditional cataract surgery. The LenSx laser equipment is a total upgrade to traditional methods of treating cataracts. It also helps in eliminating/reducing spectacle numbers post-cataract surgery.
The effectiveness of the LenSx laser increases with the knowledge and experience of the medical practitioner. Surya Eye Institute established in 1982 is one of the Leading, Most advanced & oldest hospital in the eye care industry.

Bladeless cataract treatment in Mumbai
LenSX Laser Cataract Treatment in Mumbai

The LenSx laser system replaces ALL the above steps with Robotic precision and thus helps the eye surgeon deliver more accurate results and helps patients in healing much faster as compared to traditional cataract surgery.

What is LenSx laser?

The LenSx laser also known as Femto Second Laser is a revolutionary Robotic Precision Cataract Surgery technology certified by US-FDA. The LenSx system uses the image-guided femtosecond laser with a high-repetition-rate. The LenSx laser system performs the most essential steps of the cataract surgery with extreme and unmatched accuracy. This enables to reduce dependency on human skill. The laser cataract system identifies the areas of the eye as desired by the surgeon and enables computer-controlled customized cataract surgery with unmatched precision. The LenSx laser has gained great popularity in the USA and other developed countries. To date over 4,00,000 procedures have been done in more than 40 countries with excellent results.
The traditional medical treatment for cataract involves the use of a surgical blade to open the eye and make a circular rhexis in the capsule. Finally, the surgeon uses phacoemulsification (Phaco/laser) technology to manually cut the cataract into small pieces and remove them out of the eye. 

How does the LenSx laser work?

The LenSx laser system is approved equipment by the US FDA. It provides the surgeon with real-time video imaging and 3D visualization of the entire anterior segment of the eye. Surgeons use this high-res images to ensure custom centered incisions and lens placement. The laser cataract surgery involves making incisions on the cornea of the eye, softening the cataract, and making arcuate incisions to remove astigmatism.
The LenSx laser system works with the optical coherence tomography platform, which helps to create fully detailed images of the eye. With the optical coherence tomography, it enables the doctors to make incisions with high and unmatched precision. After the incisions are made making use of the femtosecond laser instead of the traditional manual incision technique, the incision made by the femtosecond laser is guided by the image provided by Verion – the Digital Navigation System For the Eye & the optical coherence tomography. With a fully detailed picture of the eye and sophisticated computer software to regulate and monitor the incision made to the eye, the accuracy of the LenSx laser is genuinely unmatched by the most precise blade.
After safely removing the cataract, it is replaced with an IOL of your choice. The IOL helps to restore vision to the patient at all distances and reduced dependence on glasses. The likelihood of the success of the incision of the cataract surgery and the efficiency of the placed IOL is increased due to the precision the LenSx provides at all stages of the operation. The incisions made are self-sealing and this reduces the risk of infections after the surgery.

What are the benefits of using the LenSx Laser?

The LenSx laser equipment provides the following edge over other Previous/traditional treatment technique:

  • More precision and accuracy than traditional treatment techniques
  • The outcome of the treatment is predictable using the LenSx laser
  • The LenSx laser doesn’t require the use of a surgical blade for performing any steps like corneal entry, anterior capsulotomy, nuclear fragmentation, etc.
  • The LenSx laser makes use of a computer-guided laser which is designed to enable the equipment to carry out customized treatment based on the plan created by the surgeon. This helps in the removal of glass numbers also post-cataract.
  • It allows doctors to automate the most challenging part of the traditional cataract treatment.
  • It is one of the best technologies used for Bladeless Cataract & Bladeless Lasik Treatment


Why Surya eye institute for your LenSx laser surgery?

Surya Eye Institute is one of the Leading & oldest Eye Hospital in Mumbai. We are NABH & ISO 9001:2015 certified brand in the eye care industry with decades of providing outstanding and quality service in the field of Ophthalmology. The outstanding service that our professional ophthalmologists have provided over 500,000 patients has earned us credibility and trust to provide the best service for all eye treatment.

Spread over 11000 sq feet Surya Eye is Mumbai’s Biggest eye hospital. Surya eye institute is also the only eye hospital in North Mumbai providing 16 different specialized treatments. We work with the best and modern technology to serve our patients better so they can have quality eyesight. Surya eye institute works with the vision of becoming the best Eye Hospital in Mumbai and an eye hospital with this vision is the perfect place for your cataract laser eye surgery.

Under one roof Surya Eye offers Cataract, Lasik, Glaucoma, Diabetic Retinopathy treatments. We have a super-specialty Dry Eye Clinic in Mumbai (Mulund) catering patients in Mumbai, Thane & Navi Mumbai.

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