Regular Eye Checkup

Our Regular Check-ups include a series of tests beginning with Visual Acuity to measure sight at various distances followed by a Anterior Segment Examination which includes lids, cornea, iris and the pupil. Tests are conducted to assertain the presence or absence of Cataract and Glaucoma. Eyes are also examined for the effects of blood pressure and diabetes on the Retina followed by an examination of the Optic Nerve Head. After which, the test concludes with the measurement of Spectacle number as well as Intraocular Pressure.

Eye Specialist in Mumbai

Comprehensive Eye Checkup

The Comprehensive Check-up comprises of the above and then follows with a colour vision test for detecting any colour blindness, muscle balance, depth perception and routine tests for field of vision.

All in all, the Surya Eye experience is meant to make you feel assured about the present and confident about the future health of your eyes.

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The Surya Eye Touch

At Surya Eye, we lay special emphasis on first pin-pointing the area of disturbance, before going ahead with any form of surgery or therapy, simply because we understand the importance of our responsibility, that of protecting your eyes.

Why Surya ?

At Surya, we recognize your need for healthy vision and are also aware that you have a specific need. Which is why, we offer Regular Eye Check-ups comprising a basic series of tests, as well as a Comprehensive Eye Check-up for corporates, professionals and others comprising a more detailed examination.

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