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  • Repeated Stye
  • Frequent changes in Spectacle Number
  • Diabetic Retinopathy
  • Early Cataract Development

And Glaucoma indicates that you are losing vision due to diabetes.

Diabetes, a painless and symptom-free metabolic condition due to disturbed insulin levels in the blood afflicts 2 out of every 10 persons. According to statistical information, 9 out of every 10 diabetics may have some eye problem sooner or later.

Surya Eye Touch ?

At Surya Eye, we lay special emphasis on first pin-pointing the area of disturbance, before going ahead with any form of surgery or therapy, simply because we understand the importance of our responsibility, that of protecting your eyes

Tests involved in Retinal Diagnosis


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Fundus photography permits documentation of the structures of the eye. This documentation may be important to compare with other investigations such as fluorescein angiography as well as for follow up. Fundus photography of the optic disc is important in the management of glaucoma & Diabetic Retinopathy.


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This is an important test to evaluate a variety of retinal disease such as diabetic retinopathy. This is one of the commonest tests performed for retinal diseases. The test involves injecting a dye called sodium fluorescein into the blood stream and taking photographs of the retina using special filters. The test is important to stage the disease as well as to guide treatment with laser photocoagulation. Present generation digital cameras permit manipulation of the pictures and for instant viewing without need for development of the film etc.


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Indocyanine angiography is similar to the fluorescein angiography but involves injection of a different dye called Indocyanine green. The test utilizes a special infra red sensitive camera to capture the images digitally. Very often indocyanine and fluorescein angiography are combined in a given patient to give maximum information. Indocyanine angiography gives more information regarding the choroidal vessels compared to fluorescein angiography that gives more information regarding the retinal blood vessels.


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These two tests are done to evaluate the function of the retina. Light is projected onto the retina and electrical potentials that occur normally in the eye are recorded using special electrodes placed near and on the eye. Certain retinal degenerative diseases are diagnosed only on testing with electroretinography. Specialized computer soft ware is needed to analyze the data.


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There are certain disease that may lead to permanent partial loss of vision. These patients can be sometimes helped to some extent by using special aids called low vision aids. There are a variety of these available and most of them are fine tuned for a specific function. Most of them have been made to enable reading fine print. It is important that the patient should be motivated to use them. They are used at a closer range than normal working distance and hence one needs to get used to the same. Computers and closed circuit television are also useful as low vision aids. One has to test different varieties before choosing what is appropriate for them.


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Ultrasonography is test that permits the evaluation of the back of the eye in case of opaque media. In a normal eye one is able to see the back of the eye using instruments such as indirect ophthalmoscope. In conditions of disease and injury the cornea, the lens or the vitreous cavity can become opaque and prevent this visualization. In these circumstances, ultrasound can be used to scan the eye and get useful information about the tissues lying behind the opaque media. This information is needed not only for proper diagnosis but also to plan the surgery where indicated.

Why Surya ?


Our treatment involves the prior detection of changes that can cause severe and permanent eye damage.

Detailed Eye Examination conducted by a Retina Specialist which involves detecting early changes like swelling, new blood vessel formation and the swelling of the macula through Fundus Photography done through special Topcon cameras from Japan.

Fundus Fluorescein Angiography involves a dye injected into the blood system which fills up the blood vessels in the eye making it easier for the doctors to study blood circulation pattern and areas with internal bleeding.

Laser Photocoagulation is done by our highly qualified Vitreo-retinal Surgeon to seal leaking blood vessels.

The option of surgery in advanced stages.

Surya Eye’s multi-dimensional approach to therapy is exemplified by them offering Guided Yoga Therapy for Diabetics.