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Squint, also called strabismus, is an eye condition where the eyes do not look in the same direction as each other. This means that while one eye looks forwards to focus on an object, the other eye turns either inwards, outwards, upwards or downwards.

Bladeless lasik in thane

Do you know?

  • Six muscles control the movement of each eye.
  • A loss of co-ordination between the muscles to both eyes leads to misalignment.
  • It is not a cosmetic problem.
  • It can be associated with decreased vision.

Types of squints:

  • Esotropia, wherein the eyes turn inward.
  • Exotropia, wherein the eye turn outward.
  • Hypertropia, when eye is upwards.

That letting it remain results in the deterioration of vision in the squinted eye. A loss of co-ordination between the muscles to both eyes leads to misalignment. It is not a cosmetic problem. It can be associated with decreased vision.



An important part of the evaluation of a patient with a squint is the cover test and prism tests. These tests are conducted in the office of the eye doctor itself. Using these tests the eye doctor is able to classify the type of the squint and to grade the severity of the same. This information is needed to plan the treatment including surgery where needed. With a torchlight and a set of loose prisms, the eye doctor is able to evaluate squint to a great degree.


Orthoptics is the study of how effectively the two eyes function together ( binocular vision). At Surya, this testing is done on many instruments including the synaptophore. Special instruments are used to measure the near point of convergence and near the point of accommodation. These points give a guide as to how difficult it is for a person to view near objects. Many people with eyestrain on performing near work may be helped by exercises after the orthoptic evaluation.


These two tests enable the measurement of misalignment between the two eyes. This type of problem leads to a condition of double vision in a patient. The extent of the double vision and the direction in which it is maximal can be charted by using these two tests. The tests are done using red and green goggles wherein one colored glass is placed in front of one eye and the other in front of the other.

Surya Eye Touch

At Surya Eye, we lay special emphasis on first pin-pointing the area of disturbance, before going ahead with any form of surgery or therapy, simply because we understand the importance of our responsibility, that of protecting your eyes

Why Surya Eye?

We at Surya Eye Hospital, recognize your need to look good. A squint marks even a presentable face and makes that vital difference between social acceptance and isolation. It now has a solution in the form of our highly specialized Squint Clinic and its revolutionary treatment.
The treatment involves a Squint Correction Surgery that aligns the eyeballs but does not guarantee to solve eyesight problems. The process weakens or strengthens one or more among the six muscles attached to each eyeball to make the eye straight. Local anesthesia for adults and general anesthesia for children is used in the operation.
Besides the squint, cosmetic eye surgery is also done to improve facial appearance by carrying out plastic surgery on eyelids for drooping of the eyelids, cysts, and tumors.
So finally there is hope, to lead a normal sociable life.

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